MFI Bathrooms is now in Adminstration!

On the 26th November 2008, MFI Group Limited went into administration and ceased trading online. More info on MFI Furniture


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Wickes Bathrooms


MFI Bathroom Furniture

(MFI is now in Adminstration!)

Bathrooms, where to start on bathroom suites? Find a full range of bathroom and shower suites. Get your toilet, sink and bath all to match and impress your friends and neighbors. Create a bathroom worthy of those expensive towels, toilet roll holder and toilet seat cover you bought. With Bathroom suites in a full range of prices - we are sure you will find the bathroom suite and all those bathroom essentials you are looking for. Don't let your bathroom go to the toilet, pull it back from the brink of social suicide and get an updated look in your home today at MFI. Don't be the only neighbor with an old bathroom.


Choose from a whole range of bathroom suites,

  • Lena Left Hand Shower Bath Package
  • Lena Bathroom Suite Package
  • Lena Package Plus Bath Pillar Taps
  • Lena Right Hand Shower Bath Package
  • Loire Bathroom Package No. 1
  • Loire Roll Top Bath & Bathroom Package
  • Loire Roll Top Bath & Bathroom Package (with Bath/shower Mixer)
  • Michigan and Caspian Package
  • Michigan Value Package
  • Ohio W/C & Semi Pedestal Basin With Shower Bath Left Hand
  • Ohio W/C & Semi Pedestal Basin With Shower Bath Right Hand
  • Ontario & Quadrant Enclosure Package
  • Ontario Left Hand Walk in Shower Package
  • Ontario Right Hand Walk in Shower Package
  • Rioni Bathroom Package
  • Rioni Bathroom Package With Shower Enclosure
  • Rioni Package & Walk in Shower Package Right Hand
  • Salween bathroom package