Bathroom Suites and Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom is the throne room for some people, it's the one place of the house that everyone uses everyday, some more than others it might be said. If your not lucky enough to have more than 1 bathroom in your home, then it's mightily important that you get your one and only bathroom just right, so that suits everyone in the family, even dad.


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MFI Bathrooms is now in Administration!

On the 26th November 2008, MFI Group Limited went into administration and ceased trading online. More info on MFI Furniture


What Makes a Good Bathroom?

A bathroom is different things to different people, if you listen to Kisrtie Allsop (the women off location, location, lo action) then your bathroom should be treated like every other room of the home, with interesting features and personal touches. It should have more furniture than just a sink, toilet and bath, if you've got the space that is.


For many folks its the clean clinical look that they aim for, white toilet, sink and bath, tiled floor and walls and all your bathroom tools hidden away behind a mirrored cabinet.