MFI Furniture is now in Adminstration!

On the 26th November 2008, MFI Group Limited went into administration and ceased trading online. More info on MFI Furniture


There a re more places the MFI to beds and bedroom furniture from, why not try one of the other great online bed and bedroom furniture stores.


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Bedroom Furniture

MFI bedrooms are great. Fresh furniture is great. Lots of bedroom furniture to be found online here. so if you are going to buy furniture for bedroom any time soon then take a look here and see what is on offer. Beds of coarse you can buy here. not forgetting the usual's like wardrobes, both fitted and stand alone. Bed side cabinets to match your beds and wardrobes. Chest of drawers anyone, more drawers than you can shake a stick at. Remember it not just you adults that get new furniture, we have full range of children's bedroom furniture for you to look at and for your older kids up to your teens and not forgetting the babies.


You can browse the fantastic range of bedroom furniture, from traditional to contemporary designs.  Choose from easily moveable furniture, to space saving ideas.  There is a huge range of beds, or if you don’t need a brand new bed you can choose a new headboard or mattress.  Browse through hundreds of bedroom furniture items, with all the designs and colours you could ever need.


MFI Bedroom Design and Planning Services

Right now you can use MFI's fantastic online design tool. With accurate measurements, and a little imagination, you can bring your own bedroom design to life. Swap around and experiment until you get a finished look you love!


Choose from a whole range of MFI bedroom suites,

  • Albany Cherry
  • Albany White
  • Amelie
  • Citiline Burgundy
  • CitilineCream
  • Citiline Mocha
  • Citiscape Cream
  • Florence
  • Hambledon
  • Ice White
  • New Hampshire
  • ManillaOak
  • Manilla Walnut
  • Milan
  • Minori Walnut
  • Java
  • Organza
  • Rectory
  • Sirene
  • -


The current range of MFI double mattresses

  • Affinity
  • Melody Double Memory Foam Mattress
  • Alpine Double Mattress
  • Memory Deluxe Double Mattress
  • Barley Double Mattress
  • Memory Double Mattress
  • Caramel Double Mattress
  • New Gold Ortho Double Mattress
  • Checkmate Double Mattress
  • Pennine Double Mattress
  • Classic Ortho Double Mattress
  • Perfect Rest Double Mattress
  • Clover Ortho Double Mattress
  • Phoenix
  • Cosmos Double Mattress
  • Platinum Ortho Double Mattress
  • Geneva Double Mattress
  • Rose Double Mattress
  • Heather Double Mattress
  • Royale Double Mattress
  • Honey Double Mattress
  • Royale Kingsize 4 drawer divan set
  • Illinois
  • Slumberest Georgia Double Mattress
  • Imperial
  • Snowdrop Double Mattress
  • Enchantment Double Memory Foam Mattress
  • Splendour Double Memory Foam Mattress



The current range of MFI Simgle mattresses

  • Alpine Single Mattress
  • Jasper Single Mattress
  • Barley Single Mattress
  • Memory Deluxe Single Mattress
  • Caramel Single Mattress
  • Memory Single Mattress
  • Checkmate Single Mattress
  • New Gold Ortho Single Mattress
  • Classic Ortho Single Mattress
  • Pennine Single Mattress
  • Clover Ortho Single Mattress
  • Perfect Rest Single Mattress
  • Cosmos Single Mattress
  • PhoenixPHX6810
  • Geneva Single Mattress
  • Platinum Ortho Single Mattress
  • Heather Single Mattress
  • RoseRSE6810
  • Honey Single Mattress
  • Royale Single Mattress
  • IllinoisILN6810
  • Slumberest Georgia Single Mattress
  • ImperialIPL6810
  • Snowdrop Single Mattress
  • Melody Single Memory Foam Mattress
  • Splendour Single Memory Foam Mattress