Sofa's and Couch's

Buy some super great sofa and couches - Get your hands on a relaxing armchair and just relax your days away. If you sofa is starting to look like shabby and that armchair of yours has seen its best day then its time for you to change it up with some new living room furniture. MFI have full range of sofas, couches and arm chair for you to choose from. Visit MFI today!


Fixed Cover Sofa's

Bolzano, Durham, Fontaine, Jenifer Leather/Fabric, Tolledo, Broadway Leather/Fabric, Cassiopeia, Jayde, Lara and Zoe


Loose Cover Sofa's

Washington sofa and 2 seater sofa bed


Leather Sofa's, Recliners and Chairs

Daniella, Valeria, Pacific, Lucca, Valencia and Broadway


Value Sofa's

Cassiopeia Beige 2 Seater Sofa bed, Houdini Taupe Sofa bed, Jayde Terracotta/Floral 3 Seater Sofa


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